About This Site


This site contains a collection of humorous short stories and other small writing pieces that were inspired by some of the experiences I had as an overseas teacher.  I taught English in Korea (South, not North) for 1 year, and I spent a few years in Taiwan working for a private, American school.  I am also very proud to say that I am a contributing writer for the humor website: www.pointsincase.com.

As a traveller, I noticed that this big world we live in leaves us no shortage of absurdity.   Many of these stories were inspired by some of the absurd things I observed while teaching overseas, but the rest of them came from an even bigger source of absurdity…my own imagination.

Some of the stories, however, are simply inspired by uncontrollable, improper, needless fits of anger that result from untimely and  inappropriate consumption of massive, embarrassing, and unholy amounts of alcohol.

Anyway, the purpose of this site is for me to share some of the comedy material that does NOT get published on pointsincase.com.  (In other words, these are the misfits)  But I do fully believe that these stories should not go to waste, and I hope that somebody out there can enjoy them.  If you wish to share thoughts or insights, please feel free to leave comments on my page.  You may also contact me at: wesleyjansen80@hotmail.com

PS:  These stories are extremely goofy.  I maintain no responsibility for those readers who experience:

A)  Nightmares

B)  Mental and emotional problems requiring therapy and a daily pill

C)  Irreversible apathy, disillusionment with life in general, and suicide


D)   Sudden bursts of laughter that result in uncontrollable nasal spray, stomach cramps, and horrifying amounts of liquid flatulence


One Response to “About This Site”

  1. Nice work. Thanks for your contributions to the world of low-brow humor.

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