What The Hell Was This Kid Trying To Say?

Since I’ve been in Korea, I’ve run across many strange sayings. When the Korean language is translated into English, it often comes across as very odd because Korean words don’t always find their true counterpart in the English language. I also understand that the word patterning is different. (For example: in English we say “It is very sunny outside.” When the same sentence is spoken in Korean, the word patterning would come across as “Outside is very sunny.”) Korean and English are very different languages. Since I’ve been here, I’ve seen the following:

1. A Notebook that says:

“Be chic about a notebook. Tasty character is our best criterion”

(Well…I’m not chic and I don’t think notebooks are tasty)

2. A fast food restaurant with the logo:

“Enjoy deliciously, good food and happy time”

(Does that mean I get a blow job after my meal???)


3. A bar called:

“No Name”

(Right…probably no business either)

Anyway, I have now run across something that has me completely baffled and speechless. A true riddle wrapped in an enigma. I asked my students to take out a piece of paper and write a short paragraph describing their personalities. This is what one of them wrote:

“My personality is dirty and smell…
because I like to violent…
I play to hit the my friend…
and we play at the pc room…
so we use bad speak (for example ㄳ ㅑㅗㅎ)…
My friend is violent…
My personality is very very dirty…
Ok, yes…
Describe is shark.”

and people wonder why I drink…

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