A Story About A True Hero

Throughout the history of literature, stories have had the power to spread knowledge, inspire people, and evoke the deepest of human emotion. In fact, some of the greatest wisdom can be found in short stories. The words and details of a good short story can dance gracefully through our minds and give us the wings of knowledge by which we can soar through the very heavens above.

The deep passion I have for short stories inspired me to give my Korean students a special homework assignment. I asked them to write their own short stories.

They wrote many interesting stories, but there was one story that stood out among the rest.  (It was written by the prettiest, most adorable little Korean girl in the entire class.  She looked like an absolute doll.  I’ll never forget her cute, innocent, and expressionless face as she handed me her notebook.)   

It is a story about a true hero.  The details of the story magically bring the characters to life. I’m sure you will agree that this special story provides phenomenal details as it captures the true essence of what it really means to be a hero.

Here it is:


Spiderman and Noodleman is friend.
One day, Spiderman and Noodleman is fight.
And child shout, “Help, I can’t see any.”
Noodleman and Spiderman is hear that sound and go there.
Noodleman is help the child
But Spiderman is not brave.
So Noodleman is famous.

Noodleman say…”My noodle is not thin.”

The story left me speechless


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